Bryce’s Journey works with Boston After School and Beyond to measure outcomes of all of its social skills classes with the children it serves. Instruments used include the Holistic Student Assessment – Diagnostic (HSA-D) student survey tool and the SAYO-T tool in addition, parent surveys are sent out after each parent workshop to measure parent satisfaction in education workshops held throughout the year. The HAS-D is a student self-report survey developed by Dr. Gil Noam at PEAR (Partnerships in Education and Resilience) to help programs better understand their youth’s social-emotional strengths and struggles. The HSA-D provides an overall view of students’ strengths and struggles, as well as individual portraits of each student. Programs should use this data to inform individualized support for students. The HAS-D survey is conducted by the children at least once a school year. The SAYO-T tool stands for Survey of Academic and Youth Outcomes for Staff and Teachers and is a research-based measurement designed to measure any of eight youth outcome areas linked to long-term positive youth outcomes, including behavior, initiative, engagement in learning, relations with adults, relations with peers, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, perseverance, self-regulation, leadership, and homework. The SAYO-T is conducted by the licensed social skills worker at least one a year, per child.